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The biography and history of Bob Rule, from kid novice to touring yoyo ace with important highlights of his career.

The various awards and honors Bob has received over the years, from yo yocompetitions and civic organizations.
Bob appears on the Smothers Brothers show in 1982. A collection of pictures and remembrances of this great performance.
Events which Bob has participated in, including national and international competitions and exhibitions.
A starting place to learn about Duncan Yo Yo's, the history of the company and study articles and artifacts about the company.
A tour of the original Duncan Yoyo factory in Luck Wisconsin with a couple of side articles about the place and its history.
Notes and a letter from marketing strategist Clyde Mortensen as he guided the fledgling Duncan firm to new heights.
An article in the Luck Wisconsin news about the arrival of Duncan Yoyo in their town and the work it's created.
Another article about the economic boom Duncan has brought to the little town of Luck, Wisconsin.
Overview and commentary on the players that distinguished themselves in the 1950's and 60's.
The great yoyo-ists that worked over the years for Duncan as demonstrators and competitors.
Visitors to Bob Rule, fellow yo yo experts and their families, pictures of friends and relatives joined in yo yo madness.
A personal tour (with sound) of Bob's home museum featuring a look at his most valued yo yos and other items.
A page of links to toy stores and yo yo resources online, also articles about the istory and ongoing news about yo yos.
The Smithsonian Collection Bob's special exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum, extablished in 2002 to commemorate the popularity of the sport.
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