On this page you'll find many of the major Players of the 50's and 60's. With the release of the spin top many of us became top experts as well as yo-yo experts. Fred Mills, Don Winters and many of us gathered together at a motel here in Atlanta. Thanks to Fred and Don we became experts in a week. (Of course many hours of practice after they left were necessary). About 2 A.M. one morning, here in Atlanta, our neighbor upstairs called down and my wife answered. He asked if her child would put up his toy so he could go to sleep. Needless to say I was more careful from then on. Not sure if he knew how old "Her child" was or not.

Follow us back into memory lane and see if you remember some of these great stars. I have several pictures of players from this era that I cannot put a name to. I am posting the pictures of these unknown players in hopes that some of you may know them and can give me names. If anyone has a picture of a professional player in that era I'd be happy to post it.