Bob Rule's Contributions to American History
Behring Center for American Studies Smithsonian Institute

__One of my lifetime goals as a yo-yo player was to have a yo-yo in the Smithsonian Museum. (The other was to yo-yo in Red Square. I settled for yo-yoing in Tian An Men Square and on the Great Wall of China in the fall of 2005.)

__In Elleda’s words.

__"What a thrill we had this weekend. We were fortunate to participate in an Invent It at Play Festival held at the Smithsonian American History Museum in Washington DC. Our display impressed the powers of the "who ever" and they asked Bob if he would be willing to archive all his pictures and papers telling the history of the traveling Yo Yo Man. As you all know, Bob, was the last paid traveling Yo Yo Man Duncan had on the pay roll when the company disbanded in 1965. Along with Don Duncan, Bob Rule will be a part of the history of the toy voted last year Number One Toy of the Century. Needless to say he is thrilled, as I am."

__In October 2002 I was contacted by the Smithsonian Institution. They came to the House and took all my scrap books and pictures to archive. They ended up asking me for one of my yo-yo's, and a sweater that I wore all the time along with all my scrap books and pictures from my era with Duncan. They made several trips to my house looking over my collection before finally getting everything they wanted. These items are archived and anyone can contact them to make arrangements to see what they have of mine. Of course they also have Don Duncan's records and some products. Follow this link to go to their web site and see what they have: Smithsonian Yo Yo Collection.