"I can tell you a lot about Bill. He was a paddle ball champ who worked for Flyback for about 25 years before he came to Duncan for the "Bang a Ball". If I remember right you saw me demonstrate them in Vegas, and everything I did Bill taught me. I helped him with the tops and he could do some tricks above the basic. He worked with the greatest in paddle balls. His regular job was on the assembly line at Nash, later American Motors in Wisconsin, but when they closed own to retool he was on the road with paddle balls. He was not sure whether Randy Brown, or Buster Schlerette was the greatest paddle ball player. I would really think it was Bill Anderson! He could do 5 at once, two in each hand and one in his mouth and walk! He also did two at a time and caught one in his mouth and one in his rear and hopped off the stage! Did you see "House of Wax"? That is the best recorded paddle ball demo of all time!
When Duncan folded he stayed in Brooklyn and sold sewing machines for Sears, until he could get back on the auto assembly lines in Wisconsin. He was a real character and the greatest paddle ball player I ever saw in person."